Mercy Street Church of Christ
Abilene, TX
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About Mercy Street Ministry

Mercy Street Ministry, Abilene, Texas.

Taking the story to the ends of the earth. Mercy Street is a website of Christian, religious, theological, philosophical and ethical inquiry. Articles are published regularly. Articles may be reproduced freely for use in Bible studies, discussion groups, religious classes and the like. Articles can also be shared on the internet. Please reference the source.

We believe passionately in Jesus. We believe that in Jesus God reveals himself. Because of the death and resurrection of Jesus, we believe in a God who loves us enough to become one of us and die for us. We can, consequently, trust this God, and gradually we learn to trust the life he has given us.

We are committed, in the spirit of Jesus to stick to basics, to keep things personal and simple. We believe life is about trusting the God who comes to earth and bleeds for us and is resurrected, and identifying with that God in baptism and the Sunday Lord's Supper.

Here we come in contact with people who give us insights we would never otherwise get, who help us keep our jobs and our families and our problems in healthy perspective. We leave here (most times!) with an enhanced sense of being alive and our spirits lifted.

You're invited to join us. You'll find a lot of life and vitality, and depth and emotion, and grace and humanity on this web site.

No matter who you are and no matter where you've been, you are welcome to discover the way of Jesus as part of the Mercy Street Ministry.

Mercy Street Ministry, Abilene, Texas. Stan and Lorrie are spearheading this kingdom project. We seek your prayers and God's blessings.

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