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Even if this should seem impossible...

Even if this should seem impossible in the eyes of the remnant of this people, shall it in those days be impossible in my eyes also, says the Lord of hosts? (Zechariah 8:6)

It’s the classic plot for a romantic comedy: A man is in love with a woman who doesn’t seem to know he exists. He goes out of his way to run into her, he sends her flowers, he writes love letters. And still she scorns him. He hates seeing how her other suitors leave her disappointed and empty. But he can’t envision life without her, so he continues doing everything he can to make her fall in love with him. Finally, somewhere in the depths of her heart, she realizes it’s meant to be. In the end, they ride off together into the sunset.

We may be a bit embarrassed to think that God loves us in a very similar way. He is jealous for us. Don’t worry; this jealousy is not the selfish, “green-eyed monster” type. It’s a jealousy that passionately wants the best for us. And that “best,” of course, is to be united with the Lord. We were created for him. Any other suitor, anything else that competes for our love, only threatens the “happy ending” that God has in store for us.

You may look at your life with some skepticism. You may not think you’re worthy of such passionate love from God. It’s easy to focus on the obstacles or the other “lovers” that have claims on our hearts. But thank goodness God doesn’t look at things with our eyes! He is ready to go out and fight all of his opponents: our sin, our guilt, anything that accuses us. He will stop at nothing to redeem us and make us completely his.

So let God woo you. As deep calls to deep, let him sweep you off your feet. There is no area in your life that he can’t win over by the power of his love. There is no element of your resistance that he cannot wear down. Just be still, and let him show you the beauty and peace that come from a life devoted to him. That’s how attractive he is!

“Lord, I am like the Beloved in the Song of Songs, hiding from you. As the Bridegroom of my soul, win me over with your single-minded devotion to me. I am yours!”

Psalm 102:16-23, 29; Luke 9:46-50

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