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They came to him

They came to him. (Mark 3:13)

“On a clear day,” songwriter Alan Jay Lerner assures us, “you can see forever.” From the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago, you can see as far as fifty miles. It’s understandable, then, that when Jesus commissioned his chosen twelve disciples, he summoned them up onto a mountain. He was taking them to a place where they would have bigger vision, where they could see more and broader and farther in every direction. It was a place of clarity and light and hope in what the Father had in store for his creation. In a sense, he wanted them to see “forever.”

Mark also tells us that Jesus called the Twelve by name. He changed Simon’s name to Peter and designated James and John as “sons of thunder” (Mark 3:17). He knew those men very well, and he showed that knowledge in their new names.

Yet they were just beginning. Peter would still waver at the crucial hour. James and John would still thunder about being the greatest. No matter. Jesus saw them with a depth of understanding that reached far beyond that moment in time.

Jesus knows you very well. He is always on that mountain, looking farther than any of us can see. He sees deeply and clearly into your life and understands far more about you than just who you are today. He sees the person his Father created you to be. He isn’t daunted by your present reality any more than he was dismayed by who the Twelve were the day he commissioned them. Jesus sees the bigger picture. His faith in the Father’s plan for you is unshakable.

Most amazing of all, Jesus offers you the chance to have that deep and knowing vision. He calls you by name, as he did the disciples, to come away with him and to allow him to give you bigger vision. As you pray and read Scripture, reflect on what God seems to be doing in your life. He is summoning you to be and to do something. Write down what you think. Ask him to show you more about it. He wants you to see more and broader and clearer—so that you can share that vision with the people around you!

“Jesus, enlarge my vision today. Take me to a place where I can see what you are calling me to.”

1 Samuel 24:3-21; Psalm 57:2-4, 6, 11

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