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Prayer, the Treasure of our Lives, pt 4

Prayer, the Treasure of our Lives, pt 4

Prayer Is a Relationship
Throughout the centuries, many Christian teachers have taught their followers various methods of prayer. In your walk of faith, the Lord may have guided you into your own pattern or method of prayer. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the method, prayer flows first and foremost from an inner relationship through the Holy Spirit. Through the Spirit dwelling in our hearts, Jesus’ words become our own: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done!” No matter how strong or weak they may feel, all Christians have the kingdom of God dwelling richly within them (see Luke 17:21). All Christians can receive the treasures of the kingdom of God and can come to know God intimately through a life of prayer.

At its core, prayer is the communion within the heart that occurs between God and his children. Imagine a married couple in love. Through their outward actions, we can catch a glimpse of their love for each other—they spend time together; they smile at each other; they give up their free time so they can be together. These are but signs of their love. Their true relationship actually occurs deep within their hearts. Similarly, prayer is a relationship that occurs deep within our hearts. It may manifest itself in various actions, such as giving up time to pray and talk with God, or keeping our hearts pure before him. Yet at its core, prayer is a relationship.

Through prayer, our relationship with God can grow and mature. As we continue in prayer, we will begin to sense the presence of the Lord more often. Like a thick cloud, his presence will lead us to deeper worship and love for God. Like the sinful woman who “wasted” her most prized possession on Jesus, we come before Jesus, weep over our sins and those of the world, and lay down all of our treasures before the Lord. Our treasures may include our reputation, our security, or our comfort. Whatever they are, we place them at Jesus’ feet and we worship him.

to be continued...

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