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Abilene, TX
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Use Me, Lord pt 5

Use Me, Lord pt 5

A Big God for a Big Job
Jesus wants to use us to make his church even more beautiful than it already is. He wants to use us to make the church even more warm and appealing to the lost, the needy, and the doubters. Itís a big job, but we have a big God. Itís a demanding job, but we have been given all the grace we need to accomplish it. Itís a complex job, but we can rely on each otherís supportóand we can rely on the Lord!

So letís pray together, ďLord, as we begin this new year, we ask you to help us grow in holiness. Come and fill us with your love. Melt our hardened hearts, and mold us into your likeness. Use us to build up your church. Jesus, we love you!Ē Amen.

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