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Do you believe in the Son of Man?

Do you believe in the Son of Man? (John 9:35)

Like the reading about the woman at the well, this story about the blind man contains four distinct elements: a person is touched by Jesus; the person accepts Jesus; the person witnesses about Jesus; and other people react to the personís witness.

The experiences of the blind man and the woman are especially similar when we look at the first three points. Both the woman and the blind man encounter Jesus and are healed by him. She was healed from her past sins, and he from physical blindness. Both came to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. And both began to witness about him.

The main difference in these two stories lies in the way that the other people responded. The people of Samaria were moved by the womanís witness and came to believe in Jesus. But many of the people surrounding the blind man closed their hearts and rejected him.

Both stories tell us that Jesus wants to enliven our faith. Although we canít touch Jesus physically, we can still experience his presence. Jesus is always reaching out to us. Each day, he is with us, urging us to look to him for help and inspiration. Whatís more, his Holy Spirit is in us, convincing us that we are Godís beloved children (Romans 8:16).

Without Jesusí healing, itís unlikely that the woman at the well or the blind man would ever have changed. She was stuck in a fruitless search for love and belonging. He was trapped in the indifference of the people around him. But Jesus lifted them out of their prisons and set them on a new path.

We are all stuck in one way or another. Sometimes itís because of our poor decisions, and sometimes itís just part of living. But regardless of how you got stuck, Jesus is still reaching out to you. So let him put his arms around you today and lift you up.

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