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Their eyes were opened and they recognized him

Their eyes were opened and they recognized him. (Luke 24:31)

Don’t you wish you could have been there when Cleopas and his friend were walking to Emmaus? Wouldn’t it have been exciting to hear Jesus interpreting the Scriptures and to see the look in their eyes when they recognized him in the breaking of the bread?

Well, in a sense, we can be there. Even today, two thousand years after his resurrection, Jesus’ word can cause our hearts to burn and bring us to the place where we recognize him. How is this possible? Because the Scriptures do more than teach us about Jesus—they reveal him to us!

As many times as we read or hear the Scriptures read, it’s good to be reminded that they aren’t just words on a page. As the Hebrew writer taught, they are “living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12). Inspired by God, they are filled with his presence. They have the Spirit’s own power to bring us his wisdom, peace, and joy. All it takes is listening with faith.

Cleopas and his friend had to walk a long way with Jesus before they recognized him, and sometimes we do too. So be patient with yourself. When you read or hear the Scriptures, try to imagine that you are there in the middle of the action—in Galilee, in Jerusalem, or wherever the story takes place. Imagine that you can hear Jesus speaking to you. Put aside distractions, and listen for what he may want to say to you personally.

You may not “hear” anything right away. You may not hear anything at all! But that’s okay because the Holy Spirit is still at work in you, just as he was working with the Emmaus disciples every step of their journey. He is always pouring out his grace, even when you can’t feel it. All you have to do is try your best to keep an open heart. Over time, you will recognize him.

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