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Whenever a person turns to the Lord...

Whenever a person turns to the Lord the veil is removed. (2 Corinthians 3:16)

Every spring, fresh, green leaves sprout on bare limbs. Flowering plants poke through the ground, and dry brown grass begins to come back to life. Winter’s cold, dark “veil” is pushed back by the light and warmth of the sun. This beautiful image is one way to understand what can happen in us every time we turn to the Lord. It’s as if a veil is lifted, and the darkness of fear, sin, or confusion is dispelled. Our cold hearts are warmed by God’s love and compassion, and the light of Christ shines in all its brightness.

Do you know what else happens? Scripture comes alive. Words, phrases, and entire verses stand out; it’s as if they were bold-faced or highlighted. You think, “Those words were written just for me!” You begin to see some connection between the words you read and your situation. “God does have a plan for my life,” you say, or “I know God will take care of me.” Hope, comfort, and even excitement rise up in you. Sometimes you become convinced of a truth of the faith: “I am being changed into Christ’s likeness.” Other times, you feel the need to change: “That veil of resentment I’ve been carrying against my son-in-law needs to be lifted from my heart.”

When this happens, hold on to that verse or that phrase or that word. Ask the Holy Spirit to plant it deep within you. That’s his purpose anyway: to take what comes from Jesus and make it your own (John 16:14). Or to use Paul’s words from today’s reading, the Spirit is in you to make the light of Christ shine in your heart.

All Scripture bears God’s inspiration. It pulsates with the power to sustain you, change you, and energize you. If you lack understanding or humility or expectancy or anything at all, take up and read! Ask the Holy Spirit to enliven it for you. Jot down or underline passages that stand out to you, and reread them frequently. Read in joyful expectation that as you keep turning to the Lord, he will continue to remove the “veils” in your life.

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