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Abram went as the Lord directed him

Abram went as the Lord directed him. (Genesis 12:4)

ďAbram went.Ē It sounds so simple, but itís not always easy for us. Sometimes we are afraid to follow Godís direction. We might worry that he is calling us to a difficult life or that he wonít stay with us.

At first, it seems like thatís exactly what God does to Abram. Out of the blue, he tells Abram to pack up and head to an unknown destination. God had a big job for Abram, so he made it crystal clear. He also promised to bless Abram abundantly and supply everything he would need.

If we look at what followed Abramís initial call, we get a fuller picture of how God works.

As Abram took up his journey, God continued to reveal himself little by little. He repeated his promise to give Abram many descendants, but he only asked him to take one step at a time, ďby stagesĒ (Genesis 12:9). At each crucial point, God provided what Abram needed to get beyond the obstacle and align himself better with Godís plan. Even when Abram made serious mistakes, God did not abandon him. He helped Abram get back on track.

When Abramís fear and deceit put Sarai in danger, God protected her (Genesis 12:11-20). When Abram quarreled with his nephew Lot, God helped him resolve the dispute (13). This in turn placed Abram in the less lush but safer spot where God wanted him to settle.

Then came his encounter with the priest Melchizedek, whose offering of bread and wine singled out Abram as receiving blessings from God (Genesis 14:18-20).

Then, when Abram took matters into his own hands and fathered a son with his servant Hagar, God chided him but promised to protect the boy always (Genesis 16Ė17).

God works with us in a similar way. When we say yes to him and try to follow him, he blesses us and accompanies us step-by-step. He affirms our right choices and gently corrects our misguided ones. He sends us messengers to affirm that we are on the right path, and he finds ways to bring good out of every challenging situation we face.

As we continue on this journey, we can learn to trust God more and moreóbecause he is our faithful Father!

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