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Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt

Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt. (Genesis 46:3)

The separation had been long and filled with pain and bitterness. Each one thought he would never see the other one again. And yet they both prayed, hoping that God would work some kind of miraculous reunion. Countless tales of separation and reunion, even up to the present day, echo this ancient story of Jacob and Joseph.

The journey toward their longed-for reunion required faith from both men. Jacob thought his son was dead. The news that he was alive seemed too good to be trueónot to mention, Egypt was a foreign land many miles away. How could this elderly patriarch make such a trek? But when God told him not to be afraid, Jacob believed his promise of protection. He packed up his family and all his belongings and immediately started on the journey.

Joseph, too, needed to exercise his faith. Bitter experience had told him that his brothers were far from trustworthy. But when Judah told him that their father was on his way, Joseph overcame his suspicions and rushed out to meet him. Despite all that had happened in the past, he still decided to trust his brother.

In prayer today, bring to mind one or two relationships that have grown distant. Maybe itís a close friend you have lost track of. Perhaps itís your aging parents who live far away or your children who have taken jobs in other cities. You never see them; days, even months, can go by without any contact with them. What a blessing it would be to see them again!

Pray for these people every day. You never know how God might bring about your longed-for reunion. It may take timeómaybe months or even years. But why not take that first step today? Call them or send them a letter. Maybe even plan to visit them.

Whatever you do, remember what the Lord said to Jacob: ďDo not be afraidĒ! Remember: he longs for unity even more than you do. He loves to see his children coming together again. That means you can trust that he has a good plan.

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