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Those in the boat worshiped him...

Those in the boat worshiped him... (Matthew 14:33)

If you’re thinking that “homage” means “worship” here, you’re right. A boat may seem like an odd place for the disciples to fall down in worship and adoration, but consider the scene: they had just seen Jesus walking toward them on the water—and in the midst of a violent storm, no less! Add to that the fact that not long before that, they had seen him performing many other miracles like multiplying bread and performing countless healings. So it’s no wonder they responded this way. They were awestruck!

That’s the best reason for worship. It’s the natural response of our hearts to God’s greatness and mercy. Like the disciples in the boat, the more we see how marvelous he is, the easier it becomes to praise him and offer him our lives.

So how can you cultivate an attitude of worship? You don’t need to go through the day on your knees or spend all of your time in a church building. Your everyday words and actions can become filled with devotion and gratitude to the Lord. In a book called, Practicing the Presence of God, the author paints a picture of what this could look like. “God does not ask much of us, merely a thought of him from time to time, a act of thanksgiving, sometimes to ask for his grace . . . at other times to thank him . . . One need not cry out very loudly; he is nearer to us than we think.”

So start small. Take just one thing you have planned for today, and turn it into an act of worship. Keep Jesus in mind. Start up an inner conversation with him and invite him into your task. And then try to do this task as if you were doing it for him.

As you get into the habit of turning your everyday activities into acts of worship and praise, you’ll find yourself more aware of God’s presence throughout the day. You’ll find your heart softening toward the people around you. And you’ll find yourself echoing the cry of the disciples in the boat: “Truly, you are the Son of God” (Matthew 14:33)!

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