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ACU Summit 2017, Ancient Scripture, Future Church

Life is about choices. In the book of Deuteronomy, Israel stands at a crossroads where they can choose death and destruction or life and prosperity. Like Israel, we choose for ourselves whom we will serve. We can turn away and bow to other, false gods or we can choose to follow the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, the one true God of forgiveness, mercy, and love.

ACU Summit 2017, “Ancient Scripture, Future Church: The Choices We Make and the God We Serve,” will focus on Deuteronomy, the ways this ancient text informs the future of the church, and the choices we make as we strive to serve God. We invite you to join us from September 17-20 as we reflect upon the future of the church in light of these scriptures. Please join us for classes that speak to your interests and congregational needs, listen to speakers focus on Deuteronomy, and partake in fellowship and conversation with others who have chosen to follow after God.

May we all choose life.

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