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We too give thanks to God unceasingly

We too give thanks to God unceasingly. (1 Thessalonians 2:13)

There’s no arguing that we all have good days and bad days. Sometimes we are filled with thanksgiving and joy, and other times, we find life a struggle. Some days we may feel as if we’re on top of the world, and other days may find us struggling through a difficult situation. In these challenging times, when it is difficult to be thankful, it can be helpful to remember that other people are thankful for us.

In the reading from 1 Thessalonians 2, Paul expresses his gratitude for the Thessalonians’ faithfulness to Christ amid pressure to abandon their faith. He knows they are struggling, but the fact that they haven’t given up fills him with joy.

If Paul were talking to you today, he would probably be giving thanks for you as well. He would be telling you how proud he is of the way you are pursuing the Lord. He would remind you that the mere fact that you are meditating on God’s word is a sign that you are holding fast to your faith. He might even encourage you to rejoice—even if just a little bit—in God’s ability to keep you on the right path.

Paul is not the only one who is thankful for you, either. All of the believers who have gone before you are grateful that you are holding on to the gospel.

As if that’s not enough, there’s even more! Your spouse and your family, the people around you, your minister, and your fellow believers—they are all grateful for your perseverance. Maybe they don’t always say it, but you are a support to them. Just seeing how you try to do your best is an encouragement.

Take today to think about the many people who are grateful for you. It is not prideful to consider how much you matter in the body of Christ. You are precious to the Lord and vital to his church. You are indispensable to the believers around you. As you pursue the Lord step by step, your life is touching someone else’s. So keep on keeping on!

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