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The peace of God . . .

The peace of God . . . will guard your hearts and minds. (Philippians 4:7)

Isn’t the immune system amazing? It is constantly aware of the health of all the other systems in your body. Always on guard—even when you are sleeping—it wards off legions of microscopic threats. It’s only when you start to feel unwell that you remember how much you rely on it. That’s when you try to strengthen it with Vitamin C, rest, and plenty of fluids—just as the doctors say you should.

According to Paul in today’s reading, the peace of God isn’t so different from your immune system. It’s your personal guardian against fear and frustration. It has divine power to subdue life’s anxieties. Even Jesus tells us that his peace is able to surpass the world’s peace, both in its depth and in its strength (John 14:27). This is what guards your heart: this grace-filled “peace system.” It’s always with you wherever you go, always ready to help you and protect you.

You have probably noticed that when you’re at peace, ordinary problems like traffic congestion don’t infect you with anxiety. The peace of God is neutralizing stress, just as it should. But what about when bigger hazards like serious health or financial problems threaten to overtax your “peace system”? Just as you might take supplements for your body, you can increase the vitamins that strengthen your soul.

Take an extra dose of Scripture. Give your soul some rest. Take a couple of deep breaths, recall God’s goodness, and ask him to give you his peace. Recall that he is with you, that he loves you, and that he will help you. Let God’s peace quell your anxiety, and you’ll find yourself feeling more calm and more confident in the Lord.

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