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. . . their inability to repay you

. . . their inability to repay you. (Luke 14:14)

One day, a father asked his daughter to join him on a trip to the inner-city, where he wanted to reach out to the homeless. On the way, they stopped off at McDonald’s to buy some food to hand out. When they reached their destination, however, the girl became afraid and decided to stay in the car where it was safer. So she watched her dad walk up to perfect strangers, all of whom were struggling, and talk with them. She was touched by the way her father offered friendship to these people as well as food. Gathering her courage, she got out of the car and joined in. Within moments, she was laughing and sharing stories with people she had once feared.

What a beautiful way to think of our heavenly Father’s generosity toward us! Day after day, God gives us many gifts, freely and happily, without expecting anything in return. He knows we could never repay him, but that doesn’t stop him. He loves us too much. He enjoys our company too much to remain aloof.

Now, as generous as the girl’s father was, he still had certain conditions on his love. He could give only so many hours, and he could afford only so many meals. After he was done, he and his daughter went back to the comfort of their home and the warmth of their family.

By contrast, our heavenly Father’s love is unlimited and unconditional. He reached out to us when we were lost in sin. He came to us in Christ and offered his very life to rescue us. He was so rich that he could afford to save each and every one of us.

Just as the homeless people had to decide to trust the father and have lunch with him, we, too, have to trust that our God has only good things to give us. We, too, have to “come and eat.”

Paul cries out, “Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!” (Romans 11:33). Our Father has unlimited resources. He has unlimited love for us. His arms are always open. So let’s run to him today and receive his gifts.

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