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The Lord is God, and he has given us light

The Lord is God, and he has given us light. (Psalm 118:27)

Have you ever been in a completely dark room? Itís hard to see or know where anything is. But think of the effect when someone turns on a flashlight or lights a candle. Just a bit of light, and so much becomes visible. Thatís how powerful light can be!

Light is such a common theme in Scripture and in preaching that we might miss the strength of the metaphor. So letís slow down for a bit and ask what the light of the Lord does for us.

ē Light gives us insight. Turning on a light in a dark room allows us to see whatís there. The light God gives us does the same thing spiritually. You might be irritable or short-tempered around your spouse. Godís light can help you see what is at the root of your irritation. It can not only show you resentments or hurts beneath the surface but also draw your eye to the love you have for each otherólove that might have seemed somehow hidden before. That changes how you look at your spouse and shows you how to move forward in love.

ē Light gives us perspective. Darkness keeps us from understanding the big picture. Itís easy to focus narrowly on how events affect us personally, but Godís light allows us to see the panorama of his plan. Maybe you were planning to go on a family vacation, but your child got sick and you had to stay home with him. That would be disappointing. But your sacrifice showed your child how loved he is, and that built trust and respect in your relationship. Instead of focusing on the disappointment, you can focus on the blessing.

ē Light gives us hope. In the dark, we fear what we canít see. But light shows us where weíre going. You might be facing a decision and not know what to do. Godís light can bring hope. He might not show you exactly what to do, but he will remind you where weíre going. His light can draw your vision to your end goal, life with him in heaven. Heíll help you see all your brothers and sisters accompanying you along the way.

Godís light is all around you. It is within you. He loves giving you insight, perspective, and hope.

ďLord, help me walk in the light!Ē

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