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Pray without ceasing

Pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Without ceasing? That sounds impossible, doesnít it? Take heart! Paul doesnít really mean we should literally pray all day long. He is talking about an attitude. He is asking us to try to be aware of God throughout our days, no matter what we are doing.

That still might seem a bit drastic, but think about the Virgin Mary. Try to picture her and what she must have been thinking a few days before Jesus was born. Like every expectant mother, she was probably alert to every movement of the child inside of her. Imagine her putting her hands on her stomach and smiling every time the baby movedóeven when he kicked hard! Picture her constantly having to adjust her position when she sat, taking care when she walked, getting enough sleep, and getting her home ready to welcome her baby. Everything was focused on caring for the life growing within her.

Just as Mary was alert to the movements of the baby inside her, we can be alert to the movements of the Holy Spirit inside us. Of course, this was easier for Mary. Her entire body had changed during her pregnancy. There was no way not to be alert to Jesus! So donít feel too bad for yourself.

Here is one way that you can get better at sensing Godís presence throughout your day. Try to set aside a few times each day when you will stop for a moment and turn to the Lord. Perhaps you can begin your day with a moment of prayer and then try to stop every three hours and pray and then commend yourself to the Lord just before bed.

Your prayer doesnít have to be difficult either. Just say the Lordís Prayer, thank him for one blessing, and ask his forgiveness if you have any sin on your mind. Over time, youíll feel closer to the Lord. Who knows? You may even feel him moving in your heart, just as Mary felt him in her womb!

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