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She was breathless

She was breathless. (1 Kings 10:5)

The splendor and depth of God’s wisdom can be a powerful witness indeed! The Queen of Sheba was so taken by Solomon’s insight and wisdom—not just by the grandeur of his palace and Temple—that she couldn’t help but respond. Scripture tells us that it actually took her breath away. God had blessed Solomon so richly that the queen ended up glorifying God.

It may be hard to believe, but using our gifts of insight and wisdom can also be a powerful witness to those around us. You probably don’t live in a palace or don’t have massive landholdings. But God has blessed you with his indwelling Spirit. And that sets you apart. You stand out! The way you live and the priorities you have can point onlookers to heaven. Your words and responses can demonstrate God’s wisdom and gentleness in a critical or selfish setting.

As you grow closer to the Lord and give more of your life to him, you become more open to his goodness and wisdom—and that becomes more evident to the people around you. It is this “evidence” that can lead onlookers to come seek out the Lord for themselves and, eventually, to glorify him. Put simply, they will want what you have: peace, confidence, assurance, and firmness of purpose.

Jesus wants your light to shine out to other people (Matthew 5:16). This light shouldn’t be restricted to the way you pray or to your ability to quote Scripture from memory. If it really is God’s light, then it will naturally include his goodness shining through the most everyday aspects of your life. The more your heart is dedicated to God, the easier it is for people to see the Lord and his gifts in you.

Think about the gifts that God has given to you. How is his goodness being displayed in your life? How has it increased over the past few years? As you identify these blessings, give thanks and praise to the Lord and dedicate yourself to him even more. Then watch what God does in you and through you.

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