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Let us celebrate with a feast

Let us celebrate with a feast. (Luke 15:23)

Have you ever watched the end of a movie and wished the story kept on going a little longer so that you could see what happened to the characters you had been following? Think about the parable of the prodigal son for a moment. In the last scene, the father is pleading with his older son to join him in the banquet thatís going on in honor of his younger brother.

Imagine what that banquet would be like, especially if the brother were to join in the festivities. The younger son would be so glad to be home and surrounded by his family again. He would certainly dig into the fatted calf that his father had ordered for the feastóespecially after heíd practically starved to death in a foreign land. He would also enjoy fellowship with his older brother. They would have embraced, told stories, laughed, and established new bonds as a reconciled family. And most important, both he and his brother would have enjoyed spending time with their father.

This is the kind of banquet that your heavenly Father is inviting you to join. Itís a foretaste of heaven that happens every time we participate in the Lord's Supper. God, who loves you more than anyone on earth, is welcoming you home! To celebrate the event, he has called for a family meal where you can be blessed and nourished in various ways. You can be fed with the Eucharist (Lord's Supper), in which Jesus shares the bread and wine. You can be fed with the word of God, which reveals Godís love and heals your heart. And you can be fed with the presence of your brothers and sisters, who are likewise being welcomed home.

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