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It Is Accomplished

“It Is Accomplished”

After Jesus had taken the vinegar he said, ‘It is accomplished’; and bowing his head he gave up his spirit” (John 19:30, Jerusalem Bible).

“It is accomplished!” This word is enough to throw light on the whole of Calvary. What was it that was accomplished? First of all, it was the earthly life of Jesus, the work that the Father had given him to do ( John 4:34; 5:36; 17:4). “He had always loved those who were his in the world, but now he showed how perfect his love was” (John 13:1, JB). The Greek says, “He loved them to the telos,” that is, to the end, and that same word, in its verbal form, is echoed in the cry of Jesus: “tetelestai,” it is accomplished. He has endured, to the very end, the supreme test of his love.

The Scriptures, too, were accomplished—the Scriptures of the suffering servant, the paschal lamb, the innocent pierced, Ezekiel’s vision of the new temple and the river of living water flowing from its side ( 47:1-12). But it was not only some particular points of the Scriptures that were accomplished; the entire Old Testament, en bloc, had been accomplished, not analytically, but in synthesis, substantively. Dying, the Lamb opened the book with seven seals (Revelation 5:1–8:1) and revealed the full meaning of God’s plan.

The page that separates the two Testaments is also the page that joins them together; each throws light on the other. Nothing is done away with; all is accomplished, fulfilled.

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