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A Prayer by E. Fudge

A Prayer by Edward Fudge

Blessed Lord Jesus,

Who, with contagious wholeness, touched the lepers;
with glory imminent, washed the disciples feet;
with a peasant lad’s lunch satisfied the multitude;
with a heart of compassion commanded
stinking dead Lazarus to leave his grave alive again;

Who, hearing on the cross the taunt “save yourself and us,”
and, knowing it had to be one or the other,
chose to die that we might be saved;

Mercifully accept our praise, our petitions
and our intercessions for others:

Please give to us all the faith, grace, love and hope
that will make us more like you.

May our communications in all forms
build up what is feeble,
bind up what is broken and wounded,
and stir up what is flickering and about to fail.

Until all the peoples of the nations gather
to worship at your feet
as the children of the God of Abraham;

when sin and death shall be no more,

when New Heavens and New Earth appear in righteousness,

when from the East to the West is heard the cry,
“Glory to the Holy One!”


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