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Peace be with you

Peace be with you

Of all the ways Jesus could have greeted the apostles on Resurrection Sunday, he chose four simple words: “Peace be with you” (John 20:19). It can be very easy to glide over this greeting, but opening messages like this can tell us a lot. Remember, Jesus had just risen from the dead. He had just fulfilled God’s centuries-long plan of salvation.

He had just overthrown the devil and opened heaven for all who believe. Now the time had come to reveal himself to his closest friends. It was time to reveal their salvation and the miracle of the resurrection. So wouldn’t you think he would say something far more important to mark this crucial moment? But he didn’t. He chose instead to offer an everyday greeting.

Yet for all its informality, this greeting captures the heart of the Easter message. So let’s take a look at the gift of peace that Jesus offered his apostles to see how we can know the same peace in our hearts.

to be continued...

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