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Peace be with you pt 3

Peace be with you pt 3

Two Kinds of Peace
What do the words “Peace be with you” say to us? They say that no matter how many times we sin, no matter how grievous our offenses are, God stands ready to forgive us and release us from guilt. He does this so that we can experience the peace that comes from being reconciled with him. As long as we stay with him, his peace will stay with us.

Now, the peace that comes from Jesus is not the same as the peace of this world (John 14:27). The world’s peace depends on favorable circumstances: our getting our way, things going as expected, with maybe a few manageable problems. That sounds nice, but as soon as things go awry, this type of peace tends to dissipate, leaving us anxious and fretful.

By contrast, the peace that Jesus brings helps us face troubling circumstances without becoming swallowed up by anxiety or anger or fear. It brings a quiet confidence to our hearts that guides us as we face challenging decisions. It’s a peace that depends not on the events of our day but on the boundless love of the Lord: “I belong to Christ, and I know that he will never abandon me!”

to be continued...

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