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Everyone who looks at a woman with lust...

Everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery. (Matthew 5:28)

Just a glanceósometimes thatís all it takes to lead us into sin. Whether itís lust or greed or anger, we know how our disordered desires can affect us. It can be discouraging to see how easily sinful or unclean thoughts can spring into our minds and then lead us to sin.

Yes, one glance can lead you down the road of temptation. But just as your eyes can get you into trouble, they can also help get you out of it. But how?

Letís say you are admiring your neighborís new car, and you start to feel dissatisfied with your own car. The temptation to succumb to greed begins to stir within you. When you recognize it, turn your eyes away from both cars and toward the poor. Consider people who donít have enough food for the day, let alone a safe means of transportation. Maybe conjure the image of that homeless man you see on the corner as you drive to workóin your comfortable car. Try to be grateful for the blessings you have instead of focusing on what you think you are lacking.

Hereís another example: you might see an attractive movie star, and suddenly your spouse seems less interesting. Thatís when you can shift your gaze and look at your spouse. Look closely; remember all the times he or she has sacrificed for you. Staying up late with a sick baby. Working extra hours so that you can afford a vacation. Making your favorite meal for your birthday. Ask God to help you see your spouse as he does. Ask him for the grace to love your spouse as deeply and purely as he does.

No matter what situation you are in, turn your eyes to Jesus. Take a few moments to pause and consider the cross. Let it show you Godís loving desires for you. He will bring you back if you have begun to stray. Look at how much Jesus did to show you his love and faithfulness, and let him show you that love and faithfulness again!

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