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Hear and Do

Mark 9:1-13

We continue our journey through the gospel according to Mark. Today we come to Mark chapter 9. It's the account of the Transfiguration of Jesus. Here we are face to face with an incident in the life of Jesus that is cloaked in mystery. You know there is something theologically significant about the Transfiguration from the single fact that it is reported in all of the synoptic gospels.

Mark says that this happened six days after the incidents near Caesarea Philippi. Luke's gospel account has it eight days afterwards. There isn't a discrepancy here. They both mean what we would express today by saying, "About a week afterwards."

Given our study of Mark around the theme of discipleship, that is, to take up our cross and follow Jesus; What does the Transfiguration tell us? What does it say about Jesus? What does it tell those of us who have committed ourselves to follow him? Let's try to figure it out...

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