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Morality And Holiness

Two-dimensional righteousness...
It is important to acknowledge that according to Jesus
Christian 'righteousness' has two dimensions, moral and
religious. Some speak and behave as if they imagine their
major duty as Christians lies in the sphere of religious
activity, whether in public (church-going) or in private
(devotional exercises). Others have reacted so sharply
against such an overemphasis on piety that they talk of a
'religionless' Christianity. For them the church has
become the secular city, and prayer a loving encounter with
their neighbor. But there is no need to choose between
piety and morality, religious devotion in church and active
service in the world, loving God and loving our neighbor,
since Jesus taught that authentic Christian 'righteousness'
includes both.

grace and peace,

For Mercy Street Ministries, I'm Stan Baldwin.

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