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Humble Service

Humble Service

This story from John 12 provides one of the most striking contrasts between humble generosity and selfish pride. On the one hand, Mary debases herself in service of her Lord. On the other hand, Judas is more concerned about money than about Jesus’ honor. He cloaks his greed in a plea for the poor, but his true motivation is evident to the One who knows all our hearts. From Mary’s actions, we learn of several qualities that mark the humble. First, they are generous. Those who love Christ will give Him the best of what they own. Second, they are self-effacing. Mary anointed Christ with her own hands and then dried Him with her own hair. She did not wait for another to do it, but she gave of herself to honor Him. Third, they are more concerned about glorifying Christ than giving honor to themselves. Judas could not comprehend the actions of Mary, and likewise the world will not understand your service to Christ. When unbelievers see all that you give up to serve your Lord, they will only think, “What a waste!” But no matter what the world thinks, Christ Jesus is pleased with the service of His people just as He was pleased with Mary’s humble devotion. As you think about the ways you have served or the Christian principles you have upheld that are counter to our culture, be encouraged that Christ has been glorified, no matter how much the world has ridiculed you. Pray for the courage to keep loving Christ more than man’s opinion. Amen.

grace and peace to you

For Mercy Street Ministries, I’m Stan Baldwin.

Then Mary brought a pound of very costly perfume, and anointed Jesus’ feet and wiped them with her hair… - John 12:3 REB

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