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Jesus and Politics

Jesus and politics...
The words 'politics' and 'political' may be given either a
broad or a narrow definition. Broadly speaking, 'politics'
denotes the life of the city (*polis*) and the
responsibilities of the citizen (*polites*). It is
concerned therefore with the whole of our life in human
society. Politics is the art of living together in a
community. According to its narrow definition, however,
politics is the science of government. It is concerned
with the development and adoption of specific policies with
a view to their being enshrined in legislation. It is
about gaining power for social change.

Once this distinction is clear, we may ask whether Jesus
was involved in politics. In the latter and narrower
sense, he clearly was not. He never formed a political
party, adopted a political program or organized a
political protest. He took no steps to influence the
policies of Caesar, Pilate or Herod. On the contrary, he
renounced a political career. In the other and broader
sense of the word, however, his whole ministry was
political. For he had himself come into the world, in
order to share in the life of the human community, and he
sent his followers into the world to do the same.

grace and peace to you,

For Mercy Street Ministries, I'm Stan Baldwin.

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