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Christian Political Influence

Christian political influence...
Although it is hardly the responsibility of a church or
denomination as such to engage in direct political action,
yet Christian individuals and Christian groups should be
doing so, and should be encouraged from the pulpit to do
so. For Christians should avoid the two opposite mistakes
of *laissez faire* (making no Christian contribution to the
nation's political well-being) and imposition (trying to
force a minority view on an unwilling majority, as with the
American liquor laws during the period of Prohibition).
Instead, we remember that democracy means government with
the consent of the governed, that 'consent' means majority
public opinion, and that public opinion is a volatile
thing, which is open to Christian influence. Pessimists
will respond that human nature is depraved (which it is),
that Utopia is unattainable (which it is), and that socio-
political activity is therefore a waste of time (which it
is not). It is really absurd to say that social
amelioration by Christian influence is impossible. For the
historical record demonstrates the contrary. Wherever the
Christian gospel has gone and triumphed, it has brought in
its wake a new concern for education, a new willingness to
listen to dissidents, new standards of impartiality in the
administration of justice, a new stewardship of the natural
environment, improved attitudes to marriage and sex, a new
respect for women and children, and a new compassionate
resolve to relieve the poor, heal the sick, rehabilitate
prisoners, and care for the aged and dying. Moreover,
these new values become expressed, as Christian influence
grows, not only in philanthropic enterprise but also in
humane legislation.

grace and peace to you,

For Mercy Street Ministries, I'm Stan Baldwin.

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