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Violence and Non-Violence

Violence and non-violence...
The God of the Bible is a God of both salvation and
judgment. But not equally so, as if these were parallel
expressions of his nature. For Scripture called judgment
his 'strange work'; his characteristic work, in which he
delights, is salvation or peacemaking. Similarly, Jesus
reacted to wilful perversity with anger, uttered scathing
denunciations upon hypocrites, drove the moneychangers out
of the temple and overturned their tables. But he also
endured the humiliation and barbarities of flogging and
crucifixion without resistance. Thus we see in the
ministry of the same Jesus both violence and non-violence.
Yet his resort to violence of word and deed was occasional,
alien, uncharacteristic; his characteristic was non-
violence; the symbol of his ministry is not the whip but
the cross.

grace and peace to you,

For Mercy Street Ministries, I'm Stan Baldwin.

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