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Our Blind Spot

Our blind spot...
It is easy to criticize our Christian forebears for their
blindness. It is much harder to discover our own. What
will posterity see as the chief Christian blind spot of our day?
I do not know.

But I suspect it will have something to do with the economic
oppression of the Third World and the readiness with which
western Christians tolerate it, and even acquiesce in it.
Only slowly is our Christian conscience being aroused to
the gross economic inequalities between the countries of
the North Atlantic and the southern world of Latin America,
Africa and most parts of Asia. Total egalitarianism may
not be a biblical ideal. But must we not roundly declare
that luxury and extravagance are indefensible evils, while
much of the world is undernourished and underprivileged?
Many more Christians should gain the economic and political
qualifications to join in the quest for justice in the
world community. And meanwhile, the development of a less
affluent lifestyle, in whatever terms we may define it, is
surely an obligation that Scripture lays on us in
compassionate solidarity with the poor. Of course we can
resist these things and even use (misuse) the Bible to
defend our resistance. The horror of the situation is that
our affluent culture has drugged us; we no longer feel the
pain of other people's deprivations. Yet the first step
toward the recovery of our Christian integrity is to be
aware that our culture blinds, deafens and dopes us. Then
we shall begin to cry to God to open our eyes, unstop our
ears and stab our dull consciences awake, until we see,
hear and feel what through his Word he has been saying to
us all the time. Then we shall take action.

grace and peace to you,

For Mercy Street Ministries, I'm Stan Baldwin.

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