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General Revelation

General revelation...
Because Romans 1:19-20 is one of the principal New
Testament passages on the topic of 'general revelation', it
may be helpful to summarize how 'general' differs from
'special' revelation. God's self-revelation through 'what
has been made' has four main characteristics. First, it is
'general' because made to everybody everywhere, as opposed
to 'special' because made to particular people in
particular places, through Christ and the biblical authors.
Secondly, it is 'natural' because made through the natural
order, as opposed to 'supernatural', involving the
incarnation of the Son and the inspiration of the
Scriptures. Thirdly, it is 'continuous' because since the
creation of the world it has gone on 'day after day ...
night after night' (Ps. 19:2), as opposed to 'final' and
finished in Christ and in Scripture. And fourthly it is
'creational', revealing God's glory through creation, as
opposed to 'salvific', revealing God's grace in Christ.

grace and peace to you,

For Mercy Street Ministries, I'm Stan Baldwin.

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