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Invited to Praise

Invited to Praise

I remember a sermon in which the preacher asked all husbands and wives in the congregation to turn to their husband or wife and “tell him or her one reason why you love them.” People were embarrassed. It seemed forced, contrived. Yet, when you did it, you really did feel more loving. There was something about the act of verbalizing one’s feelings, letting the other persons hear it. Something important happened to both the one who spoke and the one who listened.

All that to say that while praise is an inherently spontaneous activity, it can arise out of those hymns, prayers, and moments in worship when we are invited to praise, given vehicles to express what we may feel, but don’t even know that we feel until we are given the means of expression. We stand and sing, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” And we are glorifying and enjoying God, in spite of ourselves. We are expressing how we really feel, glad to have the opportunity to reclaim our true selves, our real feelings in this act of praise.

Today we have special opportunities to praise God for all he is and does in Christ Jesus. You’re invited to join with other Christians around the region for praise. Our annual Day of Praise begins at 4:00pm. It’ll end around 5:30pm with a baked potato and chili supper to follow. You’ll be blessed having participated and you’ll be a blessing to others who attend. We look forward to praising God together.

Grace and peace to you,

For Mercy Street Ministries, I’m Stan Baldwin.

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