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Right and Wrong

Right and wrong...
In every human community there is a basic recognition of
the difference between right and wrong, and an accepted set
of values. True, conscience is not infallible, and
standards are influenced by cultures. Nevertheless, a
substratum of good and evil remains, and love is always
acknowledged as superior to selfishness. This has
important social and political implications. It means that
legislators and educators can assume that God's law is good
for society and that at least to some degree people know
it. It is not a case of Christians trying to force their
standards on an unwilling public, but of helping the public
to see that God's law is 'for our own good at all times'
(Dt. 6:24), because it is the law of human being and of
human community. If democracy is government by consent,
consent depends on consensus, consensus on argument, and
argument on ethical apologists who will develop a case for
the goodness of God's law.

grace and peace to you,

For Mercy Street Ministries, I'm Stan Baldwin.

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