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Abilene, TX
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Come and See!

Come and See!

Would you like to meet Jesus--hear him speaking, see him in action, know his personality? Don't just depend on a religious system or on what other people say. Come and see for yourself. Go to a house where Jesus is having dinner. Hop into a boat with Jesus and his friends. Sit on a grassy hillside and listen to Jesus tell stories. Walk with him down dusty roads and see how he relates to people. Notice who likes him, and why. Notice who hates him, and why. Come and see!

How can you do that? Do you need a time machine to take you? No, you just need the Bible books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These accounts have miraculous power to carry you across time and space and into contact with Jesus. And as you go to meet him, Jesus comes to meet you in your time and place. You enter his life, and he enters yours. Come and see!

You will find that Jesus is pleased that you want to know him. You will also find that he already knows you. Like Nathanael, you might ask Jesus, "How do you know me?" And you'll discover that Jesus is the all-knowing Son of God. He saw you and sought you before you knew anything about him. When you believe in Jesus based on what you've seen so far, Jesus also promises, "You shall see greater things than that." So come and see!

Grace and peace to you,

For Mercy Street Ministries, Iím Stan Baldwin

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