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The Images of Scripture

The images of Scripture...
'Images' of salvation (or of the atonement) is a better
term than 'theories'. For theories are usually abstract
and speculative concepts, whereas the biblical images of
the atoning achievement of Christ are concrete pictures and
belong to the data of revelation. They are not alternative
explanations of the cross, providing us with a range to
choose from, but complementary to one another, each
contributing a vital part to the whole. As for the
imagery, 'propitiation' introduces us to rituals at a
shrine, 'redemption' to transactions in a market-place,
'justification' to proceedings in a lawcourt, and
'reconciliation' to experiences in a home or family. My
contention is that 'substitution' is not a further 'theory'
or 'image' to be set alongside the others, but rather the
foundation of them all, without which each lacks cogency.
If God in Christ did not die in our place, there could be
neither propitiation, nor redemption, nor justification,
nor reconciliation.

grace and peace to you,

For Mercy Street Ministries, I'm Stan Baldwin.

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