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The Power of Jesus Christ

The power of Jesus Christ...
Jesus himself illustrated human lostness by the language of
physical disability. By ourselves we are blind to God's
truth and deaf to his voice. Lame, we cannot walk in his
ways. Dumb, we can neither sing to him nor speak for him.
We are even dead in our trespasses and sins. Moreover, we
are the dupes and slaves of demonic forces. Of course, if
we think this exaggerated or 'mythical' or frankly false,
then we shall see no need for supernatural power; we shall
consider our own resources adequate. But if human beings
are in reality spiritually and morally blind, deaf, dumb,
lame and even dead, not to mention the prisoners of Satan,
then it is ridiculous in the extreme to suppose that by
ourselves and our merely human preaching we can reach or
rescue people in such a plight ... Only Jesus Christ by his
Holy Spirit can open blind eyes and deaf ears, make the
lame walk and the dumb speak, prick the conscience,
enlighten the mind, fire the heart, move the will, give
life to the dead and rescue slaves from Satanic bondage.
And all this he can and does, as the preacher should know
from his own experience.

grace and peace to you,

For Mercy Street Ministries, I'm Stan Baldwin.

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